Dutch metal band No Gods No Masters was founded in 2013 by guitarists Stefan and Michiel. Together with some former local scene buddies they formed a sludge/doom and stoner influenced band. Mainly inspired by bands such as Iron Monkey, EyeHateGod, Electric Wizard, but also Crowbar, Integrity and even Tragedy they released a 4 track demo at the end of 2013.

This EP received many positive reviews and was released on tape by Dawnbreed records and online by Torn Flesh Records. Check out some reviews here.

Summer 2014 Stefan and Michiel decided to change the lineup of the band in order to lift  everything to a higher level and establish the sound they had in mind. A tough decision to make, but the reactions to live-shows and new material confirmed it was the right choice.

The debut full length ‘Fear in a handful of Dust’ was recorded in the 2nd half of 2015 and completed, including artwork, in the beginning of 2016. The search for a label to release the album and promote the band has begun.